BASELINE is a new system for rapid machine tool verification, increasing manufacturing confidence

Why is BASELINE important?

Modern manufacturing processes use large, complex machine tools with wide-ranging configurations. Today’s requirements on component production are increasingly challenging with tighter tolerances, higher rates and shorter cycle times. This requires higher tool utilisation at great speeds and feed-rates, increasingly vulnerability to wear, deformation and drift.

To maintain machines and prevent scrap, regular checks must be undertaken. Verification operations on large machine tools typically require multiple days of downtime, so checks are scheduled infrequently, and slips in production can cause them to be cancelled altogether.

How does BASELINE work?

A high-accuracy laser tracker is placed within the working volume of a machine tool and tracks a target held in the machine tool-holder. The machine is moved through a predetermined path to gather precise three-dimensional static and dynamic data throughout the working volume of the machine. A performance report is automatically generated by the BASELINE algorithm.

BASELINE reduces machine tool verification downtime from several days to less than one hour. It can be used equally well on 3-axis machines or more complex configurations with multiple rotary axes. 

What does BASELINE deliver?

By overcoming the issue of lengthy downtimes, BASELINE allows verification checks to be conducted far more regularly. 

This delivers:

·      Clear, actionable data

·      Increased process confidence

·      Maintenance interventions that become predictive rather than being reactive

·      Deeper insights into machine performance 

·      Increased profitability through reduced scrap

BASELINE is a new system, using technology that is at the heart of the drive towards industry 4.0.

The BASELINE system set-up on the Soraluce FX12000 at the Nuclear AMRC, Rotherham.

The BASELINE system set-up on the Soraluce FX12000 at the Nuclear AMRC, Rotherham.

Want to find out more about BASELINE?

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