specialist metrology and automation integration

Enhanced Accuracy Automation

Robot Blured

We have solutions to enhance the accuracy of serial axis robots using external metrology. This can either be used online whilst the cell is in operation or as a calibration cycle prior to the cell being used. Our process allows us to use existing metrology hardware that may be available depending on the accuracies required.

Automated Measurement Cells

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Complete turnkey solutions for automated metrology.

Our expertise in both automation and measurement systems allows us to design and develop innovative automated solutions for repeat measurement tasks.

Automated measurement cells can be implemented as line side solutions to provide a rapid and consistent verification of production parts. This can alleviate bottlenecks caused when parts have to be taken to an inspection area separate from production. 

By automating the data collection it creates the infrastructure to enable robust statistical process control, monitoring the performance of the production system. 


Automation isn't just about robots

Automated measurement scripts and user interfaces can reduce measurement time and ensure consistency of operations, especially when used with portable metrology.

SpatialAnalyzer Custom Interface

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