Process improvement through metrology application

Our Value-Added approach is to integrate metrology into manufacturing, not to verify what has happened but to drive the process itself, ensuring what does happen is right, first time.


We view typical inspection activities as non-value added. We have methods to reduce the time and cost impact of post manufacture inspection.

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We focus on using metrology to add value to manufacturing process. Our approach uses measurement data to improve product quality and reduce cycle time.

The traditional approach with metrology is to use it for product verification, after it has been produced. We see this as non-value added.

We take a systemic approach to metrology processes, considering how it can be used to add value as part of a complete manufacturing system, not simply viewing measurement tasks in isolation.

By taking this approach and considering the whole manufacturing value chain from design through to manufacture, we can develop a ‘data-driven manufacturing’ approach at each stage, improving down stream processes as well as feeding back upstream into design.

This allows us remove non-value adding stages of manufacture, increasing the efficiency of operations, reducing costs and increasing throughput.

We have developed our own Lean 6Sigma Metrology approach as a systematic way to address each of the stages in developing value added metrology.



As part of our consultancy services we can also provide services in the following areas:


Measurement and metrology strategy and planning

We can apply our knowledge and experience to help plan in-house measurement tasks. We can provide detailed step-by-step plans for specific operations or more strategic planning on the direction metrology and verification should take within your business.


Measurement Process Development

We can design, plan, test and implement new measurement processes either for the verification of components as part of a production system or to enhance the manufacturing process itself through the generation and feedback of metrology data. We work with a wide range of metrology hardware providers so systems that we design will be tailored 100% to the clients requirements.


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