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‘Introduction to SA’ is a three day comprehensive overview of the software that will enable users to get the most out of SpatialAnalyzer.

This is an introductory course that provides an overview of NRK’s SpatialAnalyzer software as a tool for performing common measurement, analysis, and reporting tasks. It is the first course for exploring techniques using SA for common metrology duties such as measurement, alignment, real-time build, inspection, geometric analysis, and reporting.

The course includes topics such as metrology architecture, SA's components, tool sets for application solutions, SA instrument interfaces, general user options and processes, and hands-on training with the software.

Featured Topics

  • FUNDAMENTALS - SA’s architecture and nomenclature. Explore the workspace. File organisation.
  • MEASUREMENT - Tooling definitions. Interface with instruments. Instrument toolbars. Measurement profiles. Drift checks. Watch windows.
  • TOOLKIT - Geometry fitting. Create inspection templates. Perform inspection routines.
  • INSTRUMENT ALIGNMENT - Best-fit transformation. Frame Wizard. Quick align to CAD. Measure nominals. Basic relationship fit. Nominal geometry relationships.
  • WORKING WITH CAD - Import models. Reverse surfaces. Create objects from surfaces. Compare to measured data.
  • BASIC REPORTING - Vector Groups. Dimensioning. Callouts. Report generation. PDF output.

Course Format

This is a classroom based course in which topics are presented and demonstrated by the instructor, then practiced individually by the student. Portable metrology hardware is used to conduct realistic exercises, performed in groups, help to reinforce the material.


This course assumes no prior knowledge or experience with SA, but does assume some knowledge of geometry and basic portable metrology principles.

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Our Training Facilities

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