Expert sub-contract measurement services

We specialise in complex measurement projects that require careful planning, execution and data analysis. Typically clients want measurement data generated but also require support in the analysis and interpretation of results. Our expertise in high value manufacturing also allows us to advise on the implications of results on the wider manufacturing system.

Below are some of the areas that we specialise in, however our breath and depth of expertise allows us to develop solutions to most metrology problems.

Sub-Contract Measurement

We offer sub-contract measurement services mainly focused on portable, large volume applications. We take on tasks such as jigs, fixture and part measurement as well as more complicated multi-instrument, dynamic measurement projects.

We utilise a range of equipment and software including a 3.5m Portable Arm, Laser Tracker, GOM system, Polyworks and SpatialAnalyzer.

Recent examples of our work have included:

  • Assembly fixture verification

  • Large volume 5-axis CNC verification

  • Alignment checks on steel plant converter

  • Serial Axis Robot verification

  • Measurement of large composite aerospace parts

  • Measurement of oil well-head values

  • Racing yacht measurement

  • Measurement of packaging machinery

Specialist Measurements

Large bespoke structure measurement requiring complex, multi-instrument strategies.

Romer Arm.jpg

We have specialist software that allows us to network together a wide range of measurement instruments. This enables us to simultaneously take measurements of a series of features and also reduce measurement uncertainty through data fusion techniques. We have experience in measuring structures ranging from complete aircraft through to small composite parts all to sub mm accuracy.

Verification of Automated Systems

Measurement and characterisation of dynamic, automated, multi-axis systems.


Determining the accuracy of a multi-axis automation system in real time is a complex task. We have developed our own proprietary method of characterising automation systems to determine both the accuracy at the TCP of individual elements and also the overall accuracy of the system. This can be invaluable at the commissioning stage or as a health check prior to running high value tasks with the system.


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