Recognising the benefits of modern measurement techniques in high value manufacturing, a global oil and gas company commissioned INSPHERE to help build an advanced metrology team from the ground up.

INSPHERE worked closely with the company to understand their business needs and trained their operators, process owners and process developers accordingly. INSPHERE has been engaged from the early stages, providing advanced and application-based SpatialAnalyzer training courses to build the required level of expertise within the metrology team.

Advanced SpatialAnalyzer training was delivered to ensure operators could carry out tasks and new procedures, as required. This involved instrument good practice within SpatialAnalyzer, standardising data acquisition and jobs files, creating product specific datum structures and reference network strategies. 

Process developers underwent advanced training to explore new ways of using metrology and utilising the full power and extended functionalities of SpatialAnalyzer, later progressing to the Measurement Plan courses. The measurement plan course allowed greater standardisation and simplification of complex alignment tasks and saved the company millions of dollars in reducing time and tooling costs, whilst further improving quality.

The company now has a fully operational and highly skilled metrology function. They are able to deliver their own internal training and have flexible skills that can be adapted to meet changing manufacturing requirements.


About SpatialAnalyzer

SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is an instrument independent, large volume metrology software package developed by New River Kinematics. SA has an extensive range of functionality and flexibly to collect and analyse data from almost any large volume measurement system.

INSPHERE has a vast amount of experience using SA, not only for traditional day-to-day inspection, but pushing the boundaries of large volume metrology equipment to achieve manufacturing challenges. As such, INSPHERE is well placed to provide training as we know SA inside and out, having used the full breadth of its capability. We provide a number of training courses.

SA Basics is a standard 3-day introduction to the software, covering data capture, analysis and reporting.

Advanced Courses are based on the needs of companies; some common courses include: unified spatial metrology networks (USMN), advanced relationship fitting and Measurement Plans.

Application-based Courses draw on the unique expertise within INSPHERE to provide specific training tailored to the customer’s equipment, environment and manufacturing challenge. This training is solution-oriented and very focussed on trainees gaining the ability to perform job-specific tasks.

To discuss how INSPHERE might help your company, contact us for more information about our bespoke SpatialAnalyzer training.