In 2013, INSPHERE co-founders Ben Adeline (CEO) and Ollie Martin (CTO) identified an opportunity to provide a unique blend of metrology and manufacturing expertise to advanced manufacturing companies. INSPHERE was created to deliver value-added metrology solutions to the wider, high value manufacturing community. A few years on, the company has grown dramatically and has a proven track record for integrating metrology into manufacturing processes. Rather than focus on part verification, INSPHERE focuses on using measurement data to improve processes, supporting right-first-time manufacturing.

“We saw a gap in the market to provide the manufacturing industry with metrology expertise and measurement solutions that weren't being provided by traditional equipment vendors” - Ben Adeline, CEO, INSPHERE Ltd.

INSPHERE has been delivering solutions in line with an Industry 4.0 philosophy long before the current buzz of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Metrology is increasingly acknowledged as an important part of advanced engineering and manufacturing; it is now widely recognised as a key enabler for Industry 4.0 and the smart factories of the future.

Despite being an SME, INSPHERE works with the leading organisations across a range of industries including energy, automotive and aerospace. They have achieved great success delivering step changes in profitability and productivity for their clients with a team of ambitious, highly motivated individuals that deliver INSPHERE's best-practice philosophies. The company is now going through a rapid expansion and is recruiting to support its growing portfolio of diverse metrology-related projects and measurement solutions.

Working at INSPHERE

Two years ago, Metrology Engineer Jon Sneller left an aerospace giant to join the company. He describes his role at INSPHERE as demanding but an exciting interface to industry. Jon enjoys the working culture for the team who are given autonomy to develop innovations that will disrupt the current state-of-the-art. 

"Working for INSPHERE has exposed me to a more diverse range of work which has allowed me to broaden my skillset rapidly. It's great to be working with a team that delivers agile, whole product solutions and applying my depth of technical knowledge to solve real-world engineering problems, achieving immediate results for our customers" - Jon Sneller, Metrology Engineer, INSPHERE.

Metrology Engineer, Jon Sneller delivering a live demonstration of the BASELINE system created by INSPHERE at the Nuclear AMRC in March.

Metrology Engineer, Jon Sneller delivering a live demonstration of the BASELINE system created by INSPHERE at the Nuclear AMRC in March.

Although the team are Bristol-based, they work nationally at world-class facilities such as Nuclear AMRC in Sheffield to deliver cutting-edge measurement solutions; this includes a new rapid machine tool verification system, BASELINE which was launched at the centre in March. 

Delivering a New Product Portfolio to Industry

BASELINE is a system that empowers manufacturers to adopt rapid, routine maintenance cycles for large machine tools that are costly to take out of production. The system delivers the possibility of predictive maintenance. Creating the system was a response to a known industry need that only INSPHERE had the unique blend of expertise required to deliver an effective solution.

As demonstrated by BASELINE, INSPHERE is able to apply their extensive experience of metrology technologies to allow measurement data to be generated from manufacturing processes and solve real business needs. Over the next few years, the company are planning to bring a range of products to market that will further drive, control and improve processes and put value-added metrology at the forefront of the industry. It is an exciting time for INSPHERE.