IONA – the New flagship product

INSPHERE Ltd Launch new flagship product IONA for industrial automation monitoring and control.

What is IONA?

  • IONA is a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture alignment data from industrial robots and other points of interest, be that the work piece, fixture or cell datums.
  • Using IONA, engineers can monitor the performance of automated systems and ensure they are performing consistently in accordance with the simulated or programmed intent.
  • The data generated with IONA can be used to make corrections either as a one-off system calibration or as part of regular dynamic adjustments compensating for natural process variation.

The outputs of IONA are:

  • Improved System Accuracy – Allowing more processes to be automated and improving process quality
  • Correction to robot programs – Enabling faster commissioning and validating a digital twin
  • Reduced automation downtime – Enabled by predictive maintenance using IONA SPC trend data.