Faster, easier and more accurate commissioning and verification of robots

RCS T-90 - Identify root causes of poor robot performance

Robot diagnostic system for industrial automation

RCS T-90

Conduct comprehensive step-by-step tests to diagnose industrial robots

RCS T-90, developed by Renishaw, provides advanced calibration and diagnostic testing for the maintenance and health checking of industrial robots. 

The RCS T-90 offers dedicated tests to quickly identify any deviations in the stored joint offsets. This allows straightforward in-field remastering of the robot, zeroing errors introduced through incorrect joint angles.

The system is purchased as an add on to the RCS L-90 kit and is it is used with the RCS Software Suite.

RCS T-90

Understand robot performance with advanced diagnostics

By recording deterioration in robot performance this can minimise unplanned downtime.

Save time and money

Allowing minimal reteaching of programs, and seamless transfer of complete cells between locations.

Simple, traceable servicing

Working with our intuitive robot software, the RCS T-90 standardises tests so they can be utilised by any robot operator.

Easy to use

Designed for industrial automation cells

Designed to be used when visiting industrial automation cells, the RCS T-90  is kept in a robust flight case for set-up and diagnostic tests in-field.

The library of supported robots is ever-growing. Currently the RCS T-90 supports six-axis industrial robots from four main robot manufacturers, FANUC, KUKA, ABB and Yaskawa, with a large range of controllers and robot models.

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RCS Software Suite

Conduct set-up or diagnostic tests with an intuitive, user-guided software suite.

RCS Software Suite is a user-friendly, intuitive software which enables the user to run intuitive step-by-step tests to capture critical information about their system.

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The RCS T-90 is a tripod configuration of three RCS L-90 ballbars
magnetically seated across the RCS baseplate.

As the robot manipulator moves through test positions, the system records accurate measurements which are then used by the RCS Software Suite to output a result.

Download this user guide for more detailed information.

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