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Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

Validate the digital version of your manufacturing system and monitor performance 24/7, see trends and react with agility. Greater confidence can be placed in the digital simulations knowing that the digital model accurately matches the real environment and that any changes can be accurately implemented. Making these changes without manually intervening increases the system uptime and productivity and creates a truly flexible manufacturing system.

By continually monitoring the position of the robot end-effector in relation to the figure or workpiece, IONA allows engineering to gain forward-looking insightS to predict when maintenance is required.

Rapidly perform a physical dry run of the program, capturing data using the nodes and then using the ORA software to highlight the differences between the intended program and what happens in reality. The changes to correct the program can then be made at the click of a button.

Easy connecting and exchanging of data with other devices in the ecosystem to create truly autonomous networks capable of carrying out complex tasks in the physical world.

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