When in-process metrology brings so much to advanced manufacturing, why is it not more widely accepted in UK manufacturing?

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This whitepaper summarises a round-table discussion between senior engineers working for leading UK aerospace and automotive organisations, as well as senior engineers from UK research centres.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the objectives, challenges and considerations from those working directly with robots and automation. It highlights the need for increased education of metrology and photogrammetry solutions, across sectors, to propel the industry forward to better align with the aspirations of Industry 4.0.

The round-table discussion was part of project ACCUFAS (Accurate and Flexible Automation Systems), a project focused on developing IONA technology to facilitate high accuracy robot control within the aerospace sector. The discussion was chaired by Insphere’s Operations Manager, Phil Silk, at the AMRC Factory 2050 in November 2023.

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