Robotics & Automation Exhibition

INSPHERE is an innovative technology company focusing on developing and implementing metrology and data capture systems into high-value manufacturing processes. Working across multiple industries, including Energy, Automotive and Aerospace, the company creates solutions that enable measurement data to be used to drive and improve manufacturing processes, enabling a step-change in process flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. […]

IONA System at AMRC Wales

We are delighted to announce that INSPHERE have been awarded the contract to deliver our new IONA system for Robot Monitoring and Control to AMRC Cymru.​ The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Cymru is a  £20m state-of-the-art research centre in North Wales. The team behind AMRC Cymru is a powerful partnership between […]

IONA System at National Composites Centre

Smart Factory Innovation HubIONA Pilot Scheme at the National Composites Centre Early in 2021, Insphere launched IONA, a network of sensors for real time monitoring and control of robot processes. Insphere has established a Pilot Programme to introduce IONA to commercial customers by offering them a free trial of the technology at their own site.  […]

IONA – the New flagship product

INSPHERE Ltd Launch new flagship product IONA for industrial automation monitoring and control. What is IONA? IONA is a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture alignment data from industrial robots and other points of interest, be that the work piece, fixture or cell datums. Using IONA, engineers can monitor the performance of […]

The Second Industrial Revolution: Part Three of 4IR in Context

In a series of articles, we are taking a look back at the industrial revolutions of the past to glean lessons from history as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers pace. In this part, the focus is on the Second Revolution, also described as the Technological Revolution. The breakthroughs in big ideas perhaps lost some pace […]

Forty Years of Portable Arm Measurement

In advanced manufacturing settings, portable arms have become a familiar sight, both in inspection areas and shop-floor environments. Their versatility and usefulness have also resulted in their use spreading to a wide variety of settings beyond manufacturing, from clinical measurement in hospitals, to data-archiving of antiquities in museums. Unrivalled Versatility The original patent for articulated […]

INSPHERE receive investment from Foresight Williams

INSPHERE are delighted to announce that the company have received £1.5 million investment from the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. The company’s growing portfolio of measurement solutions and in-process systems will provide cutting-edge, Industry 4.0 technology to enable manufacturing companies to monitor and control the performance of automated manufacturing solutions using metrology-grade systems. “INSPHERE is […]